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My power word (power line cord or cord of ethics [Sharing the nature/  you preparing a gift to next generation] A vision of world  in which people enjoy happy and healthy within their fair share of earth’s resources. Learning space for wildlife and wilderness. Everything I do stay within this (let’s  say I work in a company,  any company have their code of ethics. If you have your code of ethics best is companies code of ethics is within your code of ethics)

We are


Marlen Coffee Shop is a startup which was created to cater to the true authentic coffee shop experience, by emphasizing on the high-quality coffee, which we have not compromised whatever the situation we faced. The true reason for the success of Marlen Coffee Shop is its workforce, some employees being a part of the Marlen Coffee Shop team since its inception, we at Marlen Coffee Shop appreciate all employees starting from the security. With our humble beginnings at Marlen Coffee Shop Australia, throughout these five years Marlen Coffee Shop has grown strength to strength expanding, ideas of expanding even further to ensure that a good quality cup of coffee is just within your reach.