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Little Cardboard Cafe
We started in our backyard. Collecting use cardboard boxes from streets , shops, warehouses, supermarkets and industries. And found it is an essential item for house moving industry. Then we plan to move into a commercial property to expand the business, but not sufficient amount of cashflow to pay the bills. Little Cardboard Cafe gave life to this cardboard business. It shares the cost of the warehouse. Named Little Cardboard cafe. Those who need used boxes who came through this doors. But now people who need coffee come through this doors and spread the word.

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Be a sustainable champion. Help to bring zero emission targets

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Think Differently

Conceptor’s Mission

To be an example to change the behaviour of industries, retail business, government and general public mindfully. We know we have major issues ahead globally. Energy and environment.With the growth of population all around the world High demand for energy and major impact for the environment. Resource efficiency encouragements through sustainable designs and methods some organizations already started and in place. Our mission is similar operation with different combination, planing to open 200 hubs in all around  Australia. Also mobile app brings  well focus and connectivity with community and their activity.

What Our Customers Say

Amazing little cafe (Little Cardboard) that also has a reusable sustainable packaging business and very, very, nice people who shared their honey making tips, I am impressed.

Caroline Wareham

Brilliant idea. First i would like to wish you all the very best to success your concept day by day

Jake Lue

What a wonderful business model! We ordered some coffee and breakfast from Marlens Warehouse on Menulog. Nice coffee and delicious Sri Lankan food. Smart recycled waste management business offering recycled moving/packaging boxes. Will certainly visit your shop soon!

Teale Nicholls

This is actually amazing concept which you implemented. Apart from that you are giving a excellent message for whole world.

Elisha Maharajan

Great place to get moving boxes. Love how they re-use what would other wise be thrown out. Friendly service. Looking forward to returning to work to try out your cafe service. Thanks again.

Honeylyn Jose

Love this place. Good coffee and friendly place. 😊

Isuru Chamikara